Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farewell 131st Fighter Wing... (At Least the Name)

Although We Still have 11 jets left (10 after the end of this week) the air force/ANG has officially announced that the 131st Fighter Wing is now the 131st Bomb Wing.

In a press release issued this week...

10/5/2008 - Lambert IAP -- The 131st Fighter Wing formally recognized it's transition to the 131st Bomb Wing in a ribbon cutting ceremony held Oct. 4 at Whiteman, AFB.

The ceremony celebrated the first official drill for traditional guardsmen at Whiteman and the grand opening of building 3006, the 131st Bomb Wing's headquarters there.

"We are proud of our members and proud of our lineage as we transition from an Air National Guard Fighter Wing to a Classic Associate Bomb Wing," Col. Robert L. Leeker, 131st BW commander, said.

Brig. Gen. Craig D. McCord, Missouri Air National Guard commander, explained, "This transition will serve as a template for the future of Air Force and Air National Guard integration."

Congressman Ike Skelton described how this integration between the Air Force and Air National Guard is a "dream come true" for the Air Force, Air National Guard and himself. The Missouri Air National Guard and the Air Force will come together and "like a marriage their two hearts can beat as one."

"Today signifies the coming together of one of the finest Active Duty bases and one of the finest Air National Guard bases in the Air Force," said Brig. Gen. Garrett Harencak, 509th BW commander. "You will join us as brothers and sisters and no enemy of America will have sanctuary anywhere in the world."

Members from the 131st FW have been transitioning to Whiteman since the summer of 2007. The 131st has about 10 B-2 pilots fully qualified and over 80 personnel currently working at Whiteman.

"The 509th BW and 131st BW are a premier team," said Colonel Leeker. "And together we can hunt down and destroy America's enemies."

Well at least that flying with the eagles took my mind off of them leaving for good for a week or so.

St. Louis will never be the same. Ima have to move to Montana where those F-15's are going.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


In a Picture Article Called "Flying With The Eagles" The ANG takes us and shows us a mission with the 131st Fighter Wing. They are all stunning and some of the best 131st pics ever taken. You can find them on the ANG website, or just go to youtube.com/131stfwfan, i made a video with all of them in it. The pictures Include A Training Mission, Flying Over STL, Bush Stadium and Lambert Airport/There Base.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Weekend Of The Month Again...

This Month Was Great! I got some really good videos since this is about the only time I am able to Film Them. Saturday Morning Brought Seven Jets Into The Air For A Morning Flight, and Then Four More For An Afternoon Flight. Sunday Brought Four In The Morning And Four In The Afternoon. Both Days Had At Least Two Jets doing paired landings, then one of the jets would to a touch and go. It was a pretty good weekend.

Out of all the jets two were bare without the "SL" Tailcode and Missouri Banner On Them. The Next Jet Will Leave On October 23rd followed by two more on December 12th.

Check Out Some Of The Videos I Got At Youtube.com/131stfwfan