Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drill Weekend On and Off Base...

So This Drill Weekend was pretty darn good. On Saturday they did total combat take-offs in the afternoon. That was a sight to see. It was also a very special flight because it was Col. Leekers final flight In an F-15. (Think Arch Jet) After a series of missed approaches and fly-byes he was hosed down when he returned to base. And i got all the landings and total combat take-offs on video. So all in all Saturday was pretty good with the exception of the airport police yelling at me during the morning take-off and making me miss it.

Then came Sunday. Sunday was really really good. Because I got to go on base for the first time! It was so cool, I shot videos and pictures from the tower along with two very nice people who "escorted" me Fred and Mark. But the biggest thanks is to Col. Morh (Sorry If Spelling is Wrong), for giving me permission to tag along. They flew two at a time again (that's about all they can do) and I learned that there are nine jets instead of seven left. The Pilots did a pair-take off with total combat which I have never seen the two do together before. Then they did a few missed approaches. The afternoon was just a normal flight but still very cool to see.

Check Out The Base Video and Saturday's Videos at Sorry for the quality of the base one, I had to switch the file format in order to post it on youtube and it really made it fuzzy.

Pictures coming soon to the site to.

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