Saturday, March 28, 2009

120th Fighter Wing going Full Force Into The F-15

Flights Now Range From 2-4 Eagles at a time for the base and pretty soon as much as eight on Drill Weekends.

One Thing That Don't Make Sense is that BRAC was made to conserve money for the future of the Air Force. But When it Costs "Over 50 Million" just to get the base ready for the new F-15 Mission, isn't that defeating the purpose. Not to mention building the new facilites at Whiteman For The 131st Bomb Wing. Sure Maybe its the long term (really really long term) but it seems that For all the Air Guard Units that are being changed or converted it is costing more than keeping there original mission.

Six F-15's Left In St. Louis. Depressing. Maybe The Stealth Eagle will get picked up by Boeing from some country like South Korea, that way there will be at least more than one F-15 every few months.

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