Sunday, May 17, 2009


So there are only about three weeks left ;(. However, I do have a few projects in the works. One of them is a memorial video of the 131st, which will be combining all my "best" (hey its just a digital camera) videos and put them together. Still debating on the sound-track, but I got a few songs in mind (nothing like that crap music youtube made me change to). I doubt I will get any more video of the unit until the final flight, because between school, my job, my life, and sleep, I just can't seem to catch them, plus they fly now between 11 and 1230 (solo flight). I came FIVE MINUTES AWAY from catching two birds depart to Hawaii, both had three external tanks attached. However it was going to storm that day...

FIVE MINUTES BEFORE THEY LAUNCH THE WIND CHANGES ON ME AND THEY USE 12/30 WHILE I'M STATIONED AT 11/29 ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE!!! It's like fate does not want me to see there final few flights, and it was two birds two which is rare now. The arch bird now has tanks on it, and i'm guessing the Blues bird does to (although I have not seen the blues bird out in about a month).

One thing that bothers me so much is that the lack of knowledge people have of the 131st. I talk to people all the time, about how there leaving, and they go "oh i love seeing those, they flew over the highway" and "they wake me up every morning", but outside of Bridgeton, No one really knows about the 131st, if you would talk to someone that does not live in Bridgeton, they would not know what you were talking about, which is sad. Because I see Montana get all this press of them getting the new F-15's with an article a month on there progress, but the 131st has been ignored. (I've contacted Fox 2 and CW11 numerous times, but no bite).

Well the media better be there on the final flight!

Anyways... new layout on the website, because I got kinda bored of the blue clouds thing.. black looks better i think. And thanks to everyone who sends E-mails whether it is saying they had a relative that served in the wing, or asking for a higher size picture.. I love reading them, so keep them coming.


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