Sunday, August 17, 2008

F-15's Depart Part I

Out of the 18 F-15's Stationed At Lambert (We did have 20, but 1 crashed in May 07 and another crashed in November, that led to all the F-15's being grounded at one point) We are currently down to 15.

First One Left To Nellis AFB In Early June.
The Next Two Left On August 15th, to the 120th Fighter Wing.
Two More will be going there On August 22nd.

So by the end of next week our count will be down to thirteen, then things should slow down a little bit, because we are not supposed to loose the last F-15 I Believe Until Jan or February 2009.

Either Way Its sad.

The Image Above Is The Two F-15's that left to the 120th, on the 15th.

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