Sunday, August 17, 2008


OK, so I just basically created this blog for anyone who is interested in F-15's or other military aircraft. More Specifically For the 131st Fighter Wing, Missouri Air Guard. They are stationed in Bridgeton, Missouri a Northern City of St. Louis.

BRAC voted in 2005 to shut them down because the costs were to much to operate the unit at Lambert St. Louis Airport. To keep it nice and short, the F-15C's will be going to Nellis AFB and the 120th Fighter Wing, Most Pilots Going to Whiteman AFB to fly the B-2 Spirit and the maintenance crew will be also going to Whiteman to form the 131st Bomb Wing, a joint unit of the 509th Bomb Wing, that fly's the only squadron of B-2 Stealth Bombers.

Anything Anyone would want to know about this unit I could probably tell you, I live nearly 1/2 a mile away from the runways at Lambert and have been watching them/learning about them forever.

The Boeing Plant At Lambert is also a plus for military aviation around here.

So The Posts I will be doing will be about news of them leaving, and other past news such as crashes and stuff. I also got a LOT of pics Of F-15's, F-4's, F-100's so ill be posting them from time to time to.

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